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We believe in encouraging an inclusive and respectful culture in every interaction we have; to enable diversity of thought, fresh perspectives, different decision making and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Developing a workforce which reflects the diversity of the community we work in is important in establishing a positive and productive culture, in addition to being a commercial imperative for our business and our customers

At our group of companies, diversity and inclusion means:

  • Attracting and retaining people who bring different skills, experience and capabilities;
  • Fostering great innovation to leverage the experience and ideas of our people;
  • Reflecting our diverse customer base and community so we understand them;
  • Engaging our people so we bring out the best in them; and
  • Improving our performance by leveraging our diverse workforce.

Operating in a heavily male dominated industry, our diversity challenge is evident and more significant than other businesses.

Our diversity program is part of a broader culture change process, necessary to identify and provide the best opportunities possible for our workforce - now and into the future.

Diversity is about giving everyone the same opportunity.

Our Priorities and Performance

Our objectives, priorities, targets, performance and initiatives

Our push for a more diverse and inclusive workplace is underpinned by our Diversity Policy

Our drive for a more diverse and inclusive workplace is underpinned by our Diversity Policy.