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Major Hazard Facility


Melbourne Freight Terminal Changes to the Commonwealth Government’s Safety Standard Regulations


Due to a change in the Commonwealth Government’s Occupational Health and Safety (Safety Standards) Regulations 1994, the Melbourne Freight Terminal, located at Gate R, Dynon Road, Footscray, is now licensed as a major hazard facility.

The classification is due to certain chemicals including chlorine, flammable liquids and acids being handled on site for limited periods of time before being removed and transported to their final destination.

The main potential consequences of an incident occurring includes:

  • Toxic gas releases that impact nearby residents;
  • Fire caused by ignited release of flammable liquid or gases, and
  • Spills or releases causing environmental impacts.
How this impacts you

The risk of a major accident occurring which may impact you or your local community remains extremely low.

Pacific National has managed the Melbourne Freight Terminal site for more than 9 years and has not recorded any major incidents or emergencies during this time. It is important to note that the change in classification is due to changes in regulation and is not the result of changes to Pacific National’s operations, procedures, nor increased activity at the Melbourne Freight Terminal site.

Risk Mitigation

Risk management is a core component of Pacific National’s operations at the Melbourne Freight Terminal, and as such the company constantly reviews and conduct comprehensive hazard analysis of all activities, the potential for major incidents and risk control measures.

To ensure the likelihood of any incidents occurring at the facility are kept to a minimum, Pacific National has a robust Emergency Management Plan in place with a fully trained emergency team ready to deal with any major incident which may occur on site.

What to do in the event of an emergency

In the event of such an emergency occurring, it will be fully controlled by the emergency services. Follow the directions of the emergency services.

Those in the affected area should remain indoors unless instructed to evacuate or an all clear is sounded by the relevant authorities.

For more information:

Melbourne Freight Terminal:

03 9371 5216

Service Delivery Coordinator:

1800 550 031

Adelaide Freight Terminal:

08 8348 3124

AFT Shift Manager:


It's important you are aware of the changes to the Commonwealth Government's Safety Standard Regulations