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Corporate Governance and Policies

Our corporate governance framework and policies comply with corporate governance best practice in Australia, the Corporations Act and our own constitution.

We are committed to conducting business with the highest levels of ethics and integrity. Pacific National’s values, business practices and the standards that we uphold are set out in our Corporate Governance Policies.

Build sustainable and valuable relationships

An inclusive workplace embraces and promotes diversity. We believe that building an inclusive workforce enables diversity of thought, decision-making and ultimately better business outcomes. In turn, this assists us in building sustainable and valuable relationships with our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, governments and the community. We believe that developing a workforce which reflects the diversity of the community that we work in, in all levels of its business, is a commercial imperative. In June 2011 our former Asciano Board adopted a Diversity Policy and Diversity Plan with realistic, measurable objectives which continues in Pacific National today.

Our policies ensure that we achieve our commitment to conducting our business ethically and in a way that is transparent and accountable to our business owners.