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Our Priorities and Performance

Our push for a more diverse and inclusive workplace is underpinned by our Diversity Policy




Our objectives

Our priorities

Using four strategic pillars, we will drive positive, sustainable change across our business to help build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Our targets

Our reporting and measurable objectives in FY15 are as follows:

  • Increase female application rates for salaried roles from 31% to 35%
  • Increase female applications for blue collar roles from 8% to 10%
  • Increase female placements for salaried roles from 40% to 45%
  • Increase female placements for blue collar roles from 6% to 10%
  • Increase female succession representation for executive roles to 40%
  • Minimum 25% female attendance at Emerging & Executive Development Program
  • Barriers to female employment identified and plans developed to address
  • Annual pay equity analysis completed and gender based differences appropriately addressed
  • Maintain or grow current female engagement differential – annual measure
  • Female attrition rates not greater than male attrition rates – monthly measure
  • 100% retention of WILpower cadets on pilot program


Our Initiatives

Our key initiatives to drive the achievement of our diversity and inclusion targets are as follows:

  • The WILpower Management Cadetship Program
  • Flexible Work Arrangement Policy
  • Annual Pay Equity Review
  • ‘Diversity in Action’ workshops for our senior leaders
  • Self paced Mentoring Inclusion Program for managers
  • Targeted Talent Pool management to accelerate career pathways
  • Targeted Attraction Strategy to increase female applications
  • % targets for female participation in our Leadership Programs


Our Performance

Our diversity and inclusion performance is captured each year through our Annual Report and Sustainability Report. Please visit the below links for more information on key measures of our performance in diversity and inclusion.

Our drive for a more diverse and inclusive workplace is underpinned by our Diversity Policy.