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Our Approach

Pacific National’s sustainability approach is governed by our Sustainability Policy, which outlines our commitment to sustainable business practices. It also addresses those issues that are of most importance to our internal and external stakeholders and provides our Board, management and employees with a clear articulation of what sustainability means for Pacific National.


Our Marketplace

Responsible Business Practices

  • Provide excellent service to our customers
  • Work in partnership with our customers for mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Maintain the highest corporate governance and ethical standards
  • Maintain transparent communication and engagement with our stakeholders
  • Make a valuable contribution to the Australian economy

Further information on Pacific National's corporate governance structure, company policies and other information can be found under Corporate Governance and Policies.


Our People

Responsible Employer

  • Ensure our employees arrive 'Home Safely Every Day'
  • Provide a workplace where the health and wellbeing of our people is respected
  • Embrace diversity and enable all our people to fully contribute
  • Provide our people with opportunities for development and career growth
  • Actively engage with our people and seek their feedback

Additional information on our approach to our people and their safety can be found under Safety. Also, more information on our apporach to diversity can be found in Corporate Governance and Policies.


Our Environment

Minimising our Footprint

  • Minimise our environmental risks
  • Adopt processes and technologies that improve resource efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Maintain an environmental management system to minimise the risk of environmental incidents

Additional information on our commitment to minimising adverse environmental impacts can be found in our Environmental Policy.


Our Community

Connecting with our Neighbours

  • Engage appropriately with local communities
  • Develop and maintain strategic partnerships with community organisations to create long-term shared value
  • Deliver programs that help build sustainable communities


Pacific National's Board Sustainability Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of sustainability issues and Pacific National’s broader sustainability program.

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We've reduced our carbon footprint by 13% in the past 5 years, and we're focused on more savings in the future