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trackSAFE Foundation

At Pacific National we recognise that our responsibility around safety extends beyond our own organisation.

That's why Pacific National is a founding member of the trackSAFE Foundation, a ground breaking national rail industry initiative launched in March 2012. The trackSAFE Foundation works to reduce level crossing, suicide and trespass incidents and in doing so, improve workplace safety and support for all rail employees. 

In 2011, 78 collisions, 1,800 near collisions due to trespass, 150 suicides and 100 attempted suicides took place on the 44,262km of railway tracks in Australia. 

All these incidents have a significant impact on rail workers, particularly drivers, who witness them. Pacific National works with trackSAFE to see how we can provide a safer workplace for all of our employees and to find ways of providing more support to anyone who does witness an incident.

We believe trackSAFE will make a significant difference because of its national approach and pooling of rail industry resources in tackling the four key issues it is focusing on:

  • Improving level crossing safety. Reducing the number of people trespassing on train tracks and rail property.
  • Reducing the number of suicides and attempted suicides on the rail network.
  • Providing additional support for rail industry employees who witness or are first on the scene to these traumatic incidents.

You can find more information, news and project information on the trackSAFE Foundation website.

A ground breaking initiative improving safety for everyone around rail tracks