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Calling something predictable is rarely a compliment but when it comes to steel freight, it’s how we like to be known. Working on a precise schedule in secure, lossless containers, our steel distribution services keep everything on track and on time.

Specialist freight for your valuable cargo


Our terminals across Australia have a long experience with freight so when your steel business grows, we’ll be there. What’s more, our production facilities, specialist steel coil containers and regular linehaul give you the opportunity to bring more pieces of your supply chain under one roof.

We believe that the fewer moving pieces in your transport supply chain, the more opportunity you have to optimise your operations.

We have 350 locomotives and 7,000 wagons moving products just like yours

Our Track Record

We're connecting Australia's steel hubs every single day. With capabilities in Australia's steel centres, we're also connecting our network of terminals with your customer sidings. Our steel capabilities underpin the distribution network of Australia's steel industry providing quality, cost effective, integrated linehaul services.

Underpinning the distribution needs of Australia's steel industry
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