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Working at Pacific National

As Australia's largest rail freight operator, Pacific National handles the raw resources, retail goods, manufacturing products and construction materials that keep Australia's businesses running. With more than 3,000 skilled and motivated employees across our organisation, our future can be your future.

Be a part of Australia's largest combined rail freight company

Employee Benefits

Supporting hard work, commitment and determination

We're always looking to support the hard work, commitment and determination of our employees with a range of financial and non-financial benefits. We're always on the lookout for opportunities to expand the range of benefits we offer to our employees and their families.

Pacific National strives to create an environment where our people can come to work, feel safe, feel valued and have the equipment and support to do the best job they can.

We've got a range of benefits so you get the most out of your career

Strategic Vision & Values

We want to be Australia's
leading provider of critical rail services

At Pacific National we're proud of the role we play in securing Australia's future. 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week we have people in teams throughout our region handling and hauling the millions of tonnes of cargo, raw materials, goods, resources and other materials that keep our economy, businesses and households running.

We're one of our region's largest companies and we're always looking to add the best and brightest to our experienced team of people.

Our values are built on safety, customer, people, teamwork and performance

Our Organisation

Unmatched capabilities across rail

At Pacific National our work never stops, and neither does our search for the best and brightest. As Australia’s only national rail freight operator, we handle and haul millions of tonnes of raw resources, retail goods, manufacturing products, construction materials and more.  So whether it’s coal, grain, minerals, steel, tor the furniture for your new office, the chances are it’s been across our network.

We bring together a diverse range of capabilities to create Australia's largest provider of integrated rail operations

Recruitment Process

Understanding how you can become a part of our team

We work hard to fit the ideal person with their ideal role in our business. This process starts as far back as our recruitment process. We're proud of the considerable effort we put into developing our people and we want to make sure you're in the best place to further your career. 


You can be a part of a business that is securing Australia future

Applicant Advice

How to ensure you have the best chance through your application

Our recruitment process provides you the opportunity to tell us about your skills and experiences, gives us the chance to review your match to the position you have enquired about, and provides you information about what it’s like to work in our organisation.

We're always looking for talented, passionate people to become a part of our teams throughout Australia

Professional Development

We believe in providing our staff
with specialised skills and opportunities

Offering career development opportunities is a fundamental part of our ability to create a sustainable business. We offer career and professional development support for every stage of your career so you are ready for the next phase of your leadership growth.

Innovative and sustainable, our business gives you skills with career progression in mind

Strategic Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

As a united company, we have a clear vision of what we want to achieve, how we want to do it and we understand why it's important to our people, our company, our customers and our nation. 

Our values guide us in everything we do, from day-to-day decisions to the way we grow our company into the future. We put good performance, safety, employee well-being and customer success above all else.

Our values are the guiding principles by which we all operate. They drive our behaviours and decisions we make every day.