We deliver what matters

At Pacific National we deliver what matters – for our people, our customers, and our shareholders. We are a connected network powered by people, moving essential services across the length and breadth of Australia.

As Australia’s largest private rail freight company, we are integral in keeping Australia’s economy moving. With a rich history dating back to 1855 we are incredibly proud of our heritage and the essential role we continue to play in supporting Australia’s supply chain.

We are a company built on solid foundations with a team of dedicated people, guided by common values, working together as one. We care about each other and the work we do, because of this, ‘we care more’ is the Pacific National core philosophy. We care more because we strive for the best and it is the right thing to do. It’s what sets us apart.

How we work

Above all else we prioritise safety, so everyone can go home safely every day. Our care for safety extends to our partners, customers and the communities in which we operate.  We are dedicated and focused on experiences and believe that our people deserve great leadership that inspires.  We recognise every person has a role to play and we respect the value we gain from diverse teams.

Our values are our guiding principles, they help us achieve strong connections with everyone we work with and play an important part in motivating us all to do our best work.  Our financial diligence ensures we remain a strong, efficient business with the ability to prosper and grow.

We work with every customer to innovate and succeed together. We are constantly improving to deliver exceptional service by providing safe, efficient, and reliable logistics services. We actively seek to know and understand who they are and acknowledge that while all our customers have the common need to transport goods and materials, they all have very unique and specific requirements.

We have a focus on enhancing and caring for the communities in which we operate in and through. We are curiously committed to continuously improving the way in which we operate, including our approach to the environment, social factors and sustainability.