Moving Australia’s economy

At Pacific National we transport bulk commodities and containerised freight across the length and breadth of Australia, including coal, steel, agricultural products, construction materials, fuel, waste, chemicals, refrigerated produce.

Pacific National is Australia’s leading intermodal freight and steel freight operator, eastern Australia’s top carrier of regional exports, bulk goods, grain, and agricultural products, the largest transporter of coal in NSW, and the second-largest transporter of coal in Queensland.

We service all mainland state and territories, and offer Australian industry and businesses a cost-effective, seamless and secure method of moving goods from point A to point B, maximizing efficiency, meeting environmental targets, and minimising delays and damage.

We offer Australia’s largest network of interstate rail freight capabilities, 180 services a week, and a variety of service options including Superfreighter, Express, IMEX and Sprinter.

Our skilled and experienced team is committed to supporting our customers’ needs, finding solutions to their logistical challenges, and delivering value. So, when you chose Pacific National, you access both our network of trains and tracks, and a network of people and partnerships that drives success in your business.

A network that drives success.

A national operation with a local presence

3,000 +


580 +

Active Locomotives

70 +


11,800 +

Active Wagons

340 +



Weekly train services

Our Values


At Pacific National we manage risk to ensure our people go ‘home safely everyday’. We take action to hold each other to account to create a safe and sustainable workplace, and we speak up and challenge appropriately to improve safety.


We strive to deliver the best customer experience, and to exceed our customers’ and shareholders’ expectations. We take ownership and actively seek ways to innovate and simplify what we do.


We courageously do the right thing with openness and honesty. We lead by example, deal with challenges respectfully, while seeking sustainable, ethical solutions.


We work together to achieve exceptional results. We trust and support each other to focus on what matters, and value the role each individual plays in creating the workforce of the future.

Australia’s No.1 intermodal freight and steel freight operator, and the top carrier of regional exports, bulk goods, grain, and agricultural products on the eastern seaboard, Pacific National makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy, gross domestic product, and communities, annually.

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