At Pacific National we prioritise safety above all else, to ensure our people go Home Safely Every Day

Australia’s recognised leader in safe, innovative and sustainable rail freight solutions, Pacific National proactively pursues world-class safety standards, implementing mindful safety practices at all touch points with our employees, contractors, customers and other stakeholders.

Commitment to safety

We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment that ensures the health and safety of everyone who interacts with us.

At Pacific National we implement safety strategies, practices and systems, including our Integrated Management System.  We support numerous rail industry bodies including the rail industry’s Rail RUOK? Day; the Rail Industry Safety Standards Board (RISSB) and TrackSAFE, which was launched in March 2012 with Pacific National as one of the founding members.

We engage dedicated specialised safety partners and provide organisation-wide safety training that targets Critical Risk Management, injury prevention and health and wellness. We seek ways to use technology to improve safety, including our Driver Performance Program, which uses a mobile app to monitor driving behaviours, providing our drivers with real time data that has resulted in improved network safety and reduced diesel emissions.

Track record of improving safety performance

Pacific National is on a continuous path to improve our safety performance and achieve world-class safety standards.

We have a documented safety strategy in place that aims to prevent injuries and incidents and maintain a close partnership with our customers and suppliers to ensure safety is the foundation of our operations across the entire supply chain.

We set clear expectations for our front line supervisors and leaders and actively measure, and report on, lead and lag indicators.

Shaping our safety culture

Continuously improving our safety performance through the development and maintenance of a positive safety culture is central to all aspects of our business activities.

We believe that safety is both the responsibility of our management team and our people. Our Executive Safety Committee includes our Chief Executive Officer and senior executives from across our organisation, creating a culture of safety that is driven from the top down.

Pacific National proactively commits to its goal that all employees return home safely every day, by actively driving safety awareness and a culture that prioritises safe working behaviour, above all else.

We understand that in order to promote a safe culture we have to engage all employees and stakeholders, so working safely is a condition of employment, our safety training focuses on critical risks, and we set and verify effective safety standards across our network.

Safety is at the heart of our business, and is central to our decision-making, as it should be when you believe that all injuries are preventable. Everyone who interacts with Pacific National’s operations has the right to be safe.

Major Hazard Facilities

As part of our commitment to safety and the Commonwealth Work Health and Safety Regulations 2011, Pacific National are required to publish information about the activities and operations conducted at our Major Hazard Facilities.

The following reports outline how our sites mitigate the risk of a Major Incident, to ensure for the continued safe handling of dangerous goods, to keep our people and the community safe.