Community Feedback

Community Feedback Form

Pacific National is committed to responding to community feedback and complaints and has an established and robust response process to ensure all enquiries are responded to in a timely manner.

Complaints can be lodged with us directly via the web form or the telephone complaints line. Notice of complaints are also received via the rail network provider or the regulator.

All complaints are recorded in Pacific National’s incident reporting system and assigned to a responsible manager for investigation as per our Community Complaints Procedure.  This system provides us with greater visibility on the nature of community complaints, which ensures that resources are allocated to the areas of greatest community concern.

FY18 FY19 FY20
Complaints by region
Total complaints recorded 260 220 257
NSW 219 155 216
QLD 13 11 12
SA 22 39 21
VIC 6 12 7
WA 3 1
Complaints by Type
Air – Diesel emissions 9 12 6
Air – Dust emissions 1 1 1
Noise – Bunching 35 22 47
Noise – Horn Use 7 11 12
Noise – Idling 41 50 22
Noise – Pass by 18 5 68
Noise – Wheel / Brake Squeal 121 93 95
Noise – Yard Operations 1
Other 28 25 6


Pacific National has partnered with industry groups, external experts, regulators and other public authorities, including the Department of Transport, NSW, to address noise issues.

Pacific National understands that those in the community living close to our railway lines or within transport noise corridors can experience varying levels of noise. A number of factors including track conditions, track alignment, train conditions and the operating environment all contribute to noise. Pacific National strives to manage noise associated with its operations wherever reasonable and practical.

More information about what we are doing to address noise from our operations is available here.