Why Rail Freight?

Pacific National plays an important role in the freight response to Australia's growing population and expanding economy.

We need to start planning now for a growth in Australia’s population to an estimated 45 million people by 2070.  With population growth will come an exponential growth in the freight task.

We need smart cities and infrastructure and part of the solution needs to be rail freight.  The freight requirement is expected to double by 2035 and triple by 2050.

Rail freight has advantages over other modes of transport – it’s safer, greener, cost effective and can reduce passenger congestion.


Rail Freight quick facts



jobs in Australia

Road freight produces

16 times

more carbon pollution than rail freight per tonne kilometre

Members of the Freight on Rail Group (FORG) contribute more than

$10 billion

to the Australian economy

A single train is estimated to be able to replace:

up to


cars during peak hour



B-double trucks moving freight

It is estimated that road freight crash costs were

14 times

more per tonne kilometre for road than rail