In all procurement and supplier engagement activities, Pacific National looks to meet its procurement objectives of:

  • Achieving the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Demonstrating probity and transparency
  • Managing risk
  • Managing Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) considerations

In addition, Pacific National is continuously looking to improve interactions with our suppliers, as part of the procurement and management process.

To support this, all suppliers engaged by Pacific National, must comply with applicable Pacific National’s policy requirements at all times.

Terms and Conditions

The following Supplier Terms and Conditions apply:

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

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Pacific National requires all contractors and their employees, who are contracted by Pacific National to perform engineering, construction, manufacturing or maintenance work on Pacific National owned/controlled or third party sites, to prequalify against Pacific National’s minimum safety standards prior to being awarded work or coming on site. This is a mandatory program to continue to work with Pacific National.

Introducing BROWZ – letter to suppliers and contractors

Supplier early payments

If you are a current Pacific National supplier and would like to learn more about early payment options, click here for details of our C2FO program.

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