Environment, Social and Governance (ESG)

Pacific National is Australia’s largest private rail freight company.

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Operating the railway services which links critical supply chains across the length and breadth of Australia.

Pacific National’s purpose is to deliver what matters, to our people, customers and shareholders.  As an essential service provider, we are proud of the role we continue to play in supporting Australia’s supply chain.  We recognise the important role we play in the industry to both lead and demonstrate our commitment to Environmental, Social and  Governance aspects of our business.

We acknowledge that as the leading rail freight provider with significant operations across Australia, we have a role in mitigating emissions from our operations and our overall environmental and social impact.

In an era of increasing transparency and accountability, along with regulatory and community expectations all businesses have a role to play to shift towards a lower-carbon economy.  At Pacific National we are committed to developing and implementing a strategic managed approach to the disclosure of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) matters to interested stakeholders. Our approach will ensure that disclosure on ESG matters recognised as material to the success of our business is communicated to stakeholders in a manner to provide clarity and guidance.

Read our FY23 ESG report here: Mobile version | desktop version

Read our FY22 ESG report here: mobile version | desktop version

Read our FY21 ESG report here.

Read our FY20 ESG report here.

ESG strategy

Our ESG strategy, and its pillars, are supported by commitments, designed to drive outcomes aligned with our ESG ambition.  We will strive to grow and mature our ESG position through a sustainability-led initiatives, continually building on our three ESG pillars to deliver better environmental outcomes, build greater operational resilience and deliver sustainable prosperity to all stakeholders.

Our environmental objectives

    • Leverage our carbon efficiency to reduce the impact of Australia’s supply chain
    • Line of sight towards net zero and enact asset and technology roadmaps to support it
    • Minimise our environmental footprint beyond carbon

Our social objectives

    • Provide an inclusive and safe workplace for our people and enrich our connection to the communities we operate in.

Our governance objectives

    • Align our organisation structure to improve our effectiveness and corporate governance
    • Enhance the resilience of our business in the face of evolving challenges to the national supply chain