Industry Partnerships

As a leading proponent of rail freight within Australia, Pacific National plays an active role in industry bodies and in government policy forums.

We are advocates of promoting the inherent benefits provided by rail freight operations, ensuring ongoing strategic government investment and policy support for the sector.

Pacific National is a key member of the following industry associations:

Freight On Rail Group (FORG) of Australia.

Fighting for a level playing field for rail freight.

FORG is a rail freight industry group comprised of nine of Australia’s leading rail businesses. Established in 2015 to engage with government and key stakeholders on major public policy issues affecting our sector, its objective is to ensure the right policy and regulatory settings are in place to enable our industry to deliver positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes for our customers, communities and employees.

As a FORG representative, Pacific National is a member of a steering group chaired by the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation to examine the productivity of the nation’s rail freight sector.

Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (RISSB)

RISSB is the Australian rail industry’s partner in coregulation. Pacific National is a Class 1 member and sits on the Board of RISSB.

RISSB drives national harmonisation and interoperability in the rail industry, and by working with other operators and industry specialists RISSB plays a key role in industry advocacy, focusing on:

  • standards, codes of practice, guidelines and rules
  • safety data and risk analysis models
  • training and advice
  • industry co-ordination

TrackSAFE Foundation

At Pacific National we recognise that the responsibility of rail safety extends beyond rail organisations to educational and community service groups, governments, road user groups and the broader community.

That’s why Pacific National is a founding member of the TrackSAFE Foundation, established by the Australian rail industry in March 2012. TrackSAFE aims to reduce collisions, near collisions, injuries and fatalities on the rail network resulting from suicide, reckless behaviour and human error, and to create a better workplace for rail employees.

With a national approach to rail safety, TrackSAFE focuses on improving level crossing safety, reducing suicide and trespass incidents, and providing support for rail industry employees who witness, or are first on the scene to traumatic rail incidents.

All these incidents have a significant impact on rail workers, particularly drivers, who witness them. Pacific National works with TrackSAFE to see how we can provide a safer workplace for all of our employees and to find ways of providing more support to anyone who does witness an incident.

You can find more information, news and project information on the TrackSAFE Foundation website.