Pacific National’s vision is to be Australia’s recognised leader for innovative, safe and sustainable rail freight solutions. To achieve this, the business is embedding sustainability across all elements of our operations. This includes:

  • Responsible business practices
  • Providing a safe, healthy, fair and rewarding workplace for all our employees
  • Minimising our environmental footprint and risks
  • Connecting with neighbours in the communities in which we operate.


Pacific National is committed to conducting business activities in a way that minimises adverse environmental impacts and delivers continual improvement in environmental performance.


Pacific National works proactively with rail, community and environmental stakeholders on solutions to improve our environmental performance. We aim to apply scientific processes to understand environmental issues and potential solutions.

Please report all environmental incidents through the Community Feedback Form.

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Compliance Reporting

With the construction of the Greta Train Support Facility, Pacific National participated in the Federal Government and NSW Biobanking scheme which offsets the land clearing associated with the development by conserving areas of similar habitat. Under the Federal approval, Pacific National is required to publish commitments and annual reports relating to the Biodiversity assessment.

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