10 Nov 2023

Austrans and Pacific National solidify logistics partnership

We are thrilled to announce a remarkable 10-year contract between Austrans and Pacific National, reshaping the landscape of rail freight and logistics in Australia.

Austrans, a leader in Australian logistics and supply chain solutions, has renewed its partnership with Pacific National, Australia’s leading rail freight provider.

This landmark contract is a significant step forward in the longstanding relationship between both companies, reflecting their shared growth aspirations and desire to decarbonise the national supply chain by moving more freight on rail. Both companies are investing heavily in the people, equipment, and technologies needed to deliver for their customers.

Greg O’Shea, Managing Director of Austrans, said: “This announcement solidifies the 37-year relationship between Pacific National and Austrans. Pacific National’s performance and customer-centric focus are unmatched in rail and align seamlessly with Austrans’ core values, which have been a driving force behind our business growth.

“Pacific National’s support has helped Austrans evolve from a small freight forwarder into a nationally recognised presence in Australia. I am thrilled about our future to grow with Pacific National and the additional benefits this collaboration will bring to our customers and the environment. Here’s to pushing boundaries for our end customers, fostering a less carbon intensive future in the national supply chain, and delivering what matters together.”

Paul Scurrah, CEO and Managing Director of Pacific National, said: “This is an excellent outcome for Austrans’ customers. Pacific National is Australia’s leading containerised rail freight provider, and it continues to invest heavily in people, rollingstock and terminal assets, and new and improved technologies.

“These investment initiatives, combined with Pacific National’s existing depth of nationwide expertise and operational capacity, provides Austrans with added scope to expand and thrive in the national supply chain. Rail freight also provides a lower emissions transport solution to both Austrans and its many end customers.

“Pacific National aims to be Australia’s most trusted and respected logistics partner by delivering what matters, and we are excited to continue transforming the intermodal containerised market with our long-term partner Austrans.”


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