Working at Pacific National

Pacific National has a team of more than 3,400 people working across 70 sites around Australia.

From Darwin in the north, to Melbourne in the south, from Fremantle in the west to Brisbane in the east, across deserts, over and through mountains and down to the coast, Pacific National people are keeping Australia’s economy moving.

Employee engagement

Exemplary customer service is at the core of what we do at Pacific National, and our people are passionate about this.

As we continue to evolve our business it is important that we actively listen to the views of our people to create an organisation and environment that supports our people to do their best work and deliver on our organisational objectives.

Our latest employee survey results confirmed we are moving in the right direction, with the majority of employees telling us that they are proud to work for Pacific National and would recommend Pacific National as a great place to work.

Inclusion and Diversity

Pacific National believes a talented and diverse workforce is a competitive advantage and utilising the diverse skills and talents of our employees is vital to support our continued success. We are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse range of people, skills and backgrounds to make Pacific National more productive and competitive.

Pacific National’s Inclusion and Diversity Council takes responsibility for maintaining a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy and implementation plan, under the sponsorship of our Executive team and as approved by the Board.

There are six inclusion and diversity areas we're actively focused on:

  • Life Ages and Stages
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • Culture and Linguistics
  • Gender Balance
  • Disability

Employees are welcome to join an Inclusion and Diversity working groups and contribute to how we as a business bring awareness and engage the workforce.

Pacific National provides detailed disclosures to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), an Australian Government statutory agency responsible for promoting and improving gender equality in Australian workplaces. Further information on our workforce composition is publicly available through the WGEA website.