8 Dec 2020

Pacific National welcomes High Court of Australia decision

Acacia Ridge Terminal in Queensland to be added to company’s rail freight network

The High Court of Australia has dismissed the ACCC’s application for special leave to

Therefore, the decision of the Full Federal Court of Australia allowing Pacific National’s
acquisition of Aurizon’s Acacia Ridge Terminal to proceed stands.

Pacific National welcomes today’s decision and is looking forward to adding the Acacia
Ridge Terminal to its network of efficient freight terminals.

This network helps provide Pacific National with the ability to deliver crucial daily rail
freight services for Australian businesses and communities as they recover from the
negative economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

Pacific National is also actively working to ensure the many and varied benefits of
Australian rail freight are incorporated into our nation’s growing freight task, including
helping to improve road safety, lower emissions, and reduce traffic congestion and truck
‘wear and tear’ on local and state roads.


Pacific National Communications