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With nearly 6,000 specialised coal wagons, 600 locomotives and 10,000 people in teams throughout Australia, we can help unlock the potential in your coal business.  

Solutions to keep your business on track


When you chose Pacific National, you get access to a significant network. We’re both a network of trains and tracks, and a network of people and partnerships; and it’s these partnerships that make the difference to your supply chain.

Solutions to keep your business on track

Our Track Record

We're one of Australia's largest coal haulage operators with a footprint that spans both east and west coasts. As the largest operator in New South Wales and the fastest growing coal haulage provider in Queensland, we're connecting our customers to markets throughout Australia and the world every single day.

Innovations in rail freight allow us to move coal predictably and with minimal possible cost. We’re proud to use:

  • Continually developed rail infrastructure 
  • Balloon loops
  • Pioneering train loading equipment
  • Dedicated freight lines to power stations
Connecting your business to your customers every day
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