29 Jun 2023

Pacific National’s carbon calculator helps customers stay on track to achieve emission reduction targets

Pacific National this week launched its new Carbon Emissions Calculator to help customers drive down their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the national supply chain.

Pacific National’s Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer Saskia Groen-in’t-woud said the web-based tool will allow customers to calculate their freight journey, inputting volumes and load type, to measure the environmental benefits of transporting by rail instead of road.

“At Pacific National we are committed to driving carbon efficiency in the national supply chain and shifting more freight from trucks onto trains to reduce total transport emissions and deliver a better future for our people, communities, and customers,” Ms Groen-in’t-woud said.

“We’re all on the journey together to reduce emissions, which is why we’ve designed this website tool to give our large customer base the power to run the sums and quickly see the benefits of choosing rail over road.

“Our vision is to be Australia’s most trusted and respected logistics partner, which is why Pacific National is continuing to develop new products and rail service offerings to help our customers remain on track to achieve emissions reduction targets.”

Ms Groen-in’t-woud said the quickest and most efficient way to decarbonise the national supply chain is to support the haulage of more freight by trains.

“Rail is more fuel efficient than road freight and a ready-made low-emissions transport solution for Australia’s supply chain,” she said.

“At Pacific National we are committed to supporting Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy and have been accelerating our sustainability journey to achieve emissions reductions.

“Our ESG strategy outlines the path for to us as a business to promote carbon efficiency throughout the country’s supply chain, build climate resilience into our extensive national operations and further reduce our own carbon footprint.

“As Australia’s largest private rail freight operator, we take our role in minimising the effects of climate change seriously and continue to explore new pathways to reduce our emissions.”

To calculate how rail compares to road freight operations, customers are invited to try our new calculator at pacificnational.com.au/about/sustainability/calculator


Pacific National Communications