Brooke: Parkes Freight Terminal Superintendent

Meet Brooke Gavin, Superintendent at Pacific National’s Parkes Logistics Terminal.

Brooke began her journey with us as a trainee bulk driver in 2012. Five years later she went on parental leave before returning in 2019 as a terminal planner with our Intermodal team.  More recently she has stepped up into the Superintendent role taking on more responsibility, which she says is a challenge she has enjoyed, but insists she’s still finding her feet.

“If you’re willing to put in the hard work, it is a very rewarding job.”

Whether it is driving a locomotive, a reach stacker or ensuring the right amount of wagons are coming in and out of the terminal, Brooke loves her work mates and the sense of community they’ve built out in Parkes.

While shift work can be challenging, Brooke says it’s allowed her to strike a great balance between work and being there for her young daughter and family.