Chloe: People and Culture Co-Ordinator

Meet Chloe Lewis, People and Culture Co-ordinator at Pacific National.

When opportunity came knocking…Chloe Lewis jumped at the chance to work for Pacific National in HR.

“I really love working at Pacific National, the people are great. They have made me feel very welcome from day one. The culture here is amazing. I cannot fault it; it just makes you feel like you have a sense of belonging in a little community.”

The opportunity to work for Pacific National, came at a busy time in her life…but she says she was excited by the chance to work in rail with a company that does it’s best to accommodate employees on their working arrangements.

“When I started with PN and I was still at uni doing study full time, the flexibility was there for me to be able to work my work hours around my study schedule and when I had assessments due. So, it is definitely a flexible workplace.”

In her role, Chloe describes most of her responsibilities encompass the employee life cycle, from when someone joins the business to when they leave or shift into another role.  “We also offer people secondments to try out new positions, and that has been an interesting view for me. I’ve never had that opportunity in a company before to see that kind of aspect. It’s also been interesting to see what different roles people try.”

Chloe feels some of her enjoyment at work is due to having a network of people around her to give her advice or support when she encounters different and complex issues. “My leaders are very supportive. I see them as mentors. I know I can go to them with anything and they’ll support me and advise me on how I should action certain things.”

Her advice to other young graduates looking for their first role?

“I would say to any young woman who is out there, possibly studying a degree and looking for their starting role, definitely try it – it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.”