Corey: Terminal Operator

Meet Corey Wells, Terminal Operator at Pacific National.

At Pacific National safety is one of our key priorities. It’s important that all of us go home safely everyday and for Terminal Operator Corey Wells, safety is always at the forefront of his mind.

“You can’t rush a job or cut corners, just ensure you’re thorough and following procedures correctly. I take my time to make sure that no matter what task I am completing, it’s done safely.”

Corey says that this is a mindset shared by his workmates which helps them  to work together more effectively, get their work completed without incident and finish the day with a sense of satisfaction and of a job well done.

While Corey began working for us as a terminal operator, in his time with Pacific National he says he has had the opportunity to expand his knowledge and learn other skills relating to operations, health and safety and has found Pacific National supportive of his career goals and desire to develop.

“I’m now learning the shunting as well. I’ve also been elected the health and safety representative for the terminal operators, meaning the forklift drivers, the shunters and the examiners as well.”

“The guys I work with are incredible, management is incredible. It’s just one of those places where you join a team who want to see you succeed. The opportunities are endless and there are so many career avenues to explore.”



We are proud to watch Corey’s journey at Pacific National evolving and his story is one of many across our national footprint. We acknowledge that our people are centric to our success and operations as a business, so we look forward to seeing the growth and development to their skills, knowledge and careers.