Joel: Customer Service Specialist

Meet Joel Pring, Customer Service Specialist at Pacific National.

Innovating and succeeding in collaboration with our customers is a key pillar of Pacific National’s PNA. For Customer Service Specialist Joel Pring, the level of service provided to our customers is paramount to our relationships and something he prides himself on.

“In my role, I work closely with our customers maintaining and building relationships. I am the first point of contact and I liaise between our business and theirs and drive outcomes for them. So if a problem arises, I help them to resolve it.”

Joel came onboard with Pacific National in 2014 as a trainee train driver, before transitioning across into the corporate side of our business. In reflecting on the time spent, he says his on track experience is invaluable in his current role, so too is establishing strong relationships with our key stakeholders.

“Having an operational background helps me not only with my colleagues but customers as well. For instance, I can share my knowledge of train driver lingo with my workmates so they understand and appreciate the complexities of operational movements. I’m lucky that I have had the experience in both the operational and corporate spheres which allows me to appreciate the amount of work that goes on behind the scenes to deliver what matters”

Additional to the experiences in his career with Pacific National, and as a father of two young children, Joel acknowledges and values the flexibility his role affords him. Whether it is working from home, being able to tailor his schedule to be there for his kids’ important milestones, or simply being able to do pick up and drop off to school, Joel recognises the positive impact this has on a work-life balance.

“We’ve really adapted post-COVID as a business, where shared caring is discussed, considered and agreed upon with your manager. I am able to work a number of days from home and then from the office as well. I organise my meeting times around picking up and dropping off my kids from school. As a parent, it’s wonderful to know that the organisation I am working for understands that you need to be there for your children.”



We truly value the experience and knowledge of the people employed by Pacific National. We acknowledge that strong relationships are important both professionally and personally, and that a flexible working arrangement can have positive impacts to our customers, our workforce, and their families.