Karen: Governance and Compliance Manager

Meet Karen Grumley, Corporate Governance and Compliance Manager at Pacific National.

Pacific National is powered by its people, and for Corporate Governance and Compliance Manager, Karen that is what makes working for Pacific National so special.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with lots of different people. And the thing that really inspires me every day is that we all help each other to learn and grow.”

A company that is committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for all, Karen says as an employee you have a shared purpose with your workmates and there is a genuine camaraderie between people.

“I’ve seen people come in early in their careers, who have never worked in the industry before, and very quickly becoming part of the team, loving what we do and why we do it. It’s exciting to be a lawyer and work in an organisation where you can engage with different people from different backgrounds, different experience, different roles.”

“You might think that I only get to work with other lawyers. But the thing about working at Pacific National is that I get to work with people from diverse backgrounds in different roles all across the country. One moment you might be looking at our decarbonisation plan with the ESG team and the next moment I might be looking at our financing arrangements with our Treasury team or advising the risks of our operational environment. I might be talking to a train driver in Western Australia, and the next day I’ll be engaging with the Chairman of the Board.”

In turn the variety of people to collaborate with, means a variety of projects and tasks to work on.



“There’s no, standard day at Pacific National. There’s always something different to do and a different team to work with. You get to learn how different people work and what we do and where we do it and why it’s important. No day at Pacific National, is the same and that’s exciting.”