Matt: Graduate Engineer

Meet Matt Grimley, Graduate Engineer at Pacific National.

Upon reflection, even as a child, Matt says he embraced a love of trains.

“You know, every young kid always is interested in trains and that passion has continued throughout my life and into adulthood. It is somewhat poetic, I suppose, that I am working at a rail company, 20 something years later, after that initial love of trains.  I have an immense amount of pride that I get to work with something that I’ve loved for so long.”

As a graduate engineer in our reliability engineering team, Matt is responsible for conditioning monitoring of assets like our wagons. Matt likens it to preventative maintenance, because when our equipment is in tip top condition, we ensure that we can deliver for our customers but also ensure we all go home safely every day.

“From a safety perspective, my role has a direct impact on safety. If any of our equipment is not up to serviceable standards, that could have a huge impact on the safety of our people and on our operations.”

We are grateful for all the work Matt and the team do to ensure we prioritise safety above all else and deliver what matters for our customers.