Yasmin: Terminal Planner

Meet Yasmin Hampton, Terminal Planner at Pacific National.

As Australia’s largest private rail freight operator, Pacific National’s purpose is to deliver what matters for our people, customers, and shareholders and for Yasmin, living our purpose is something she does every day.

“It’s about making sure the freight gets to its destination on time and is received it on time. We are an essential service, that while it is quite visible, you don’t necessarily think too much about it but really, we get to deliver what matters to the nation.”

Yasmin joined Pacific National after more than a decade in the health industry, and she says what excites her most are all the potential opportunities she has.

“I am continuously getting cross-trained and by that I mean I am learning new skills, meeting new people, getting shown different parts of the organisation. It’s just a fantastic place to be.”

We acknowledge that our people are centric to our success and operations as a business – we love having Yasmin on the team and enjoy watching her grow in her career.