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Our Carbon Emissions Calculator provides you with the estimated* carbon emissions avoided by transporting your freight on rail compared to road. This will support decision making and transition to the lowest carbon-emitting mode of transportation.

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Pacific National’s Coal business transports coal from mines to ports, power stations and steelworks, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, connecting regional coal mines throughout Queensland and New South Wales with domestic and global markets.

Our operations are firmly embedded in regional communities with crew depots located throughout Queensland and New South Wales. And because our train drivers are regionally based, they’re invested in their local communities, which makes them passionate about our customers’ success.

That’s why at Pacific National we’re committed to forming close partnerships with our customers, working collaboratively with them to proactively identify end-to-end supply chain efficiencies for the thermal and metallurgical coal industries.

Thermal coal

Partnering with our customers to meet the global demand for high quality thermal coal.
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Metallurgical coal

Transporting coal for the world's largest metallurgical coal exporter.
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