Will I be a good fit?

We would like Pacific National to be the right fit for you and you the right fit for us, so before you hit that apply button, we ask you to consider if this sounds like you:

I can commit to prioritising safety above all else. Why?

Rail is a safety critical environment and requires a personal commitment to working safely every day. A high-risk environment means we have a high expectation for working safely and we empower you to STOP work if something looks unsafe.

I have a “C” class Australian Drivers Licence, why?

Some of our depots and terminals are in regional locations and if you need to meet a train along a certain route, we will require you to drive out to meet it, in a Pacific National car of course!

I have no issues differentiating between red and green lights, why?

Train signals vary between each state of Australia and for everyone’s safety all Australia train drivers need to be able to pass the National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers, which includes a vision test.

I am happy to spend time away from home, why?

Depending on the route or region you are working in you may be required to spend some time away from home. When away some of our drivers even get to sleep aboard the train in the crew carriage behind the locomotive, while other drivers will stay in barracks accommodation. If and where you stay, just depends on the route you’re working on.

I live less than 100km of the hiring depot or terminal, why?

Employing people from the communities in which we operate in and through creates great career opportunities for locals. However, driving long distances after a shift can present a fatigue risk. Your safety is important to us. We need to be sure everyone can go home safely every day.

There are some personal qualities too that we know makes for great train drivers:

  • Have a high regard for safety
  • Action oriented problem solvers
  • People with a passion for trains
  • Care about what you do and have a customer focused approach
  • A commitment to personal development and 
ongoing training
  • Can deliver in a high-pressure environment
  • Great communicators able to work well with a team
  • Have a positive and supportive attitude
  • Curious people able to ask why and comfortable checking in with their workmates

Safety is our number one priority. For your safety and the safety of others, Pacific National is a drug and alcohol-free work environment. You will need to ensure that you come to work with absolutely no alcohol or prohibited drugs in your system. All employees are regularly subject to random drug and alcohol testing.

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Will I be a good fit?

We’d like Pacific National to be the right fit for you and the right fit for us.

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What does the training journey look like?

To become a qualified locomotive driver, you will undertake a 12-month accelerated traineeship program where you will receive a TLI42622 Certificate IV in Train Driving issued by the Pacific National Registered Training Organisation (RTO 91717).

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